Giuseppe De Luca



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Giuseppe De Luca was born in 1943 in Pachino, the southern most point of Sicily, Italy. He lives and works in Varese near Milan.

The sea and the Iblean Mountains of the area are the influence of his work. As a young boy in the early 50's Giuseppe became enthralled with a local painter who, wishing to celebrate the optimism that followed the years after the war, offered to decorate the homes of neighbours with paintings imitating the frescos of the Popeii era. His experience observing this artist later inspired his own wishes to become a painter

De Luca attended the Art Institute of Siracusa which allowed him to study the Greek monuments of the city that became an inspiration for his work. During this time he fell in love with the Ibean region between Siracusa and Ragusa. Giuseppe De Luca continued his education in Rome where once again his studies and surroundings greatly influenced his painting. 

The figures in his paintings evoke characters from mythology, though they are not meant to depict a specific person but a feeling. The figures search the moody landscape they inhabit for a safer place; not a physical space but a state of mind.