Kinki Texas



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Holger Meier alias , Kinki Texas, is a painter who has an incredible instinct for line and colour. He is a fast-working, almost impetuous artist, who acts completely instinctively when he puts weights and accents on canvas or paper. Exaggeration is certainly a trait of the art of Kinki Texas. His work addresses some aesthetic intuitions, by seeking extreme visual experiences in which, for example, terrifying and monstrous psychological hermaphrodites take shape.

The so-called “Kinki Texas Space" of the Bremen artist, is the projection of an imaginary world in which conflicting impulses and instincts challenge each other. It’s a field of experimentation for unimaginable mental excesses, a laboratory for brazen attempts and the stage where cruel torture and sadistic power plays will be performed with gunfights and duels until the last drop of blood.

Kinki Texas often depicts a bloody world that is extremely alive, but not free of humorous or ironic elements. Violence, sex, love, death, betrayal, glory, rise and fall, these are the basic ingredients for a story that is worthy to be told. One must not forget that in the universe described by Kinki Texas, the reality is often overturned, the rules are turned upside down, even deliberately ignored, abused and injured. 

Kinki Texas was born in 1969 in Bremen (Germany), where he lives and works. Since 1987 his works have been shown internationally in various solo and group exhibitions. Since 1994 he works with digital techniques and he has specialized in three-dimensional animation, video installations and music videos. In 2005 he received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bremen.