Robert Hedrick



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Robert Hedrick was born in Windsor, Ontario. He studied commercial art at the H.B. Beal Technical School, London, Ontario. He later painted at the Instituto Allende, San Miguel, Mexico with James Pinto and Rico Lebrun (1953-54, 1956-57) and in Spain (1961-62).

Working in oil, acrylic, gouache and collage, Hedrick's large Abstract Expressionist paintings are  influenced by the Painters Eleven. In the 90's he turned to shaped canvases in a geometric Minimalist style. Using black and earth tones, the paint is smoothly brushed or rolled on the canvas or textured with graphite. He is known for his classically inspired but semi-abstract sculptures in plaster, wood, bronze, aluminum and white marble featuring such subjects as torsos, candlesticks and bronze doors.