Adèle Duck



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Adèle Duck's practice is informed by her mastery of diverse media and processes including printmaking, drawing and painting, as well as the conventions of both abstract and figurative art. Each work is a fascinating combination: of marks both painterly and direct; flowing washes and glazes layered over defined shapes; and deep fields of saturated colour shot through by sharp, kinetic black and white stripes. Translucent "skins" of pigment recede, offering indefinite glimpses of the body. All these elements converge to create a sensual effect that is magnified in Duck's recent large-scale canvases. Neither predetermined nor wholly intuitive, her works play out a wanderlust that is hard to categorize and best to just experience.

Duck's compositions are pure, unfiltered communications, inviting a sort of play between the work and viewer. The evident effort and sheer amount of visual information in her works provoke appreciation of her ability, and invites individual interpretation of symbolic elements. The complexity of Duck's imagery never offers final or obvious readings.